Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Democratic Solutions

Democratic Solutions is the trading name for both the ICS and IFS. It’s more economical to share one financial institution. It should only appear on PayPal accounts.
The name arises from any person having the ability to award any certificate to their loved one, quite a democratic process.

Why do the shipping charges vary so much?

Shipping charges are set by Australia Post
Australians can benefit from this as they will have the lowest shipping costs.
UK, Europe and US customers will pay more for shipping, but with the exchange rate there is a good deal to be had.

Unfortunately Australia Post does not send to South America, Africa, West Asia, India and Eastern Europe.
A4 certificates are posted  letters
A3 certificates are posted as small parcels, hence the higher cost.

What is your Mission Statement?

To enrich the lives of animals and the people who care for them.
The International Societies were formed for everyday people to give their everyday fury loved ones the recognitions deserved. Not all pets are of show quality or pure bred, they are our loved companions, everyone thinks they have the best dog or cat in the world and to them, they have. These societies allow you to award them.

The Superlative Certificates give a recognised structure to the awards. There can be only one Best Dog in the World for a given year. Only one Most Beautiful Cat in the World in a given year.

Can I have my dog or cat on the respective Facebook and Instagram sites.

Yes, of course.
With your certificate comes a letter, the letter has a reference number.
 Simply email us a photo, with the reference number and we will make a post for you.
You can, however, just post on the Facebook page, with the recipient next to his/her certificate.
Note, any derogatory comments or posts will be deleted as soon as seen by the administration team.

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