The International
Canine Society

Give your dog the recognition it deserves.

The International Canine Society

We at the International Canine Society absolutely and unconditionally love dogs.
That fact that you’re on this site suggest you feel the same way as us.

The International Canine Society was established to help support dog shelters and allow you the chance to honour your friend.

You award them.

We help protect them.​

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Give your dog the recognition it deserves.

Why suffer the tyranny of dog shows, the indignity of judgemental people or the hierachy of breed associations.
The International Canine Society brings democracy back to the people.

If, however, you’re one who enjoys the camaraderie and friendly competition of shows and associations then we can offer certificates based on a World Wide Ranking system.
First in gets the best awards.

You, the owner/pack member, can award your dog the recognition it so richly deserves.
Simply decide on which style of certificate you prefer, the Superlative, Premium or Memoriam.
Apart from rewarding your best friend, you’ll also be helping animal shelters as 20% of the purchase price of each certificate is donated to an animal welfare group.

Choose the certificate you prefer
Type in your dog's name
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Choose between 3 types of Certificates

Premium Certificate

The Premium Certificate has a number of choices, however, many dogs may share the same honour.

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Superlative Certificate

The Superlative Certificate is a one off.
No two dogs in the world will have the same certificate.

$24.95$34.95Select options

In Memoriam

The In Memoriam Certificate recognises the year of love and devotion between dog and human.
This maybe your dog, or a friend’s dog who has recently passed.

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Choose the certificate you prefer
Type in your dog's name
Choose from the drop down menus

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A dog, not just a pet, a nice person in his own right

Just like us dogs are highly social animals.
Connect with like minded dog owners across the world via our Facebook page. 

Currently there are hundreds of breeds of dogs.

We began choosing dogs based on aesthetics. The number of breeds began to grow.
Many are working dogs, but the vast majority are in our family homes.They are part of our family, we are part of their pack.

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