The International
Canine Society

Give your dog the recognition it deserves.

The International Canine Society

We at the International Canine Society absolutely and unconditionally love dogs.
That fact that you’re on this site suggest you feel the same way as us.

Give your dog the recognition it deserves.

We all love our dogs.
No matter whether they are pure breeds or mixed, a working dog or a member of the family.
Everyone thinks that they have the Best Dog in the World.
The Superlative Certificates from the ICS provides documentation to that effect.

Under our worldwide framework of certificates there can only be
 one Best Dog in the World,
 one Sweetest Dog in Japan,
one Most Beautiful Dog in California.
No award is repeated.
There is a tiered order, starting at the global level, e.g. The Coolest Dog in the World, if this is taken, either chose a different superlative or region such as your country, state/province and in some cases, city.

Framed, these make great gifts for friends, family, or yourself.

We, at the ICS, work to support animal shelters. 10% of profits go to Australian registered animal shelters.

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Superlative Certificate

The Superlative Certificate is a one off, it’s unique to your dog. No two dogs in the world will share the same award.

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Adoption and Birth Certificates

A dog, not just a pet, a nice person in his own right

Just like us dogs are highly social animals.
Connect with like minded dog owners across the world via our Facebook page. 

Currently there are hundreds of breeds of dogs.

We began choosing dogs based on aesthetics. The number of breeds began to grow.
Many are working dogs, but the vast majority are in our family homes. They are part of our family, we are part of their pack.

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