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Global Awards

The International Canine Society was established to offer any dog owner the ability to prove that they, indeed, do have the Best Dog in the World.

Dogs are highly social animals

Dogs are highly social animals who have been cohabiting with humans for over 20,000 years. After so many years together we share many things. We know each other’s body language, tone of voice and look in the eye.

One important chemical we share with dogs is oxytocin, a hormone associated with love. Levels of oxytocin increase in the brains of both humans and dogs when we interact. Making dogs very good for therapy.

Dog breeds became more diverse

Over time we have been choosing dogs with traits that fit our needs. As human society became more diversified so did the breeds of dogs. In Europe, during the 18th century, having a pure bred dog became a symbol of status. We began choosing dogs based on aesthetics. 

The number of breeds began to grow. Currently there are hundreds of breeds of dogs. Many are working dogs, but the vast majority are in our family homes. They are part of our family, we are part of their pack.

Give your dog the recognition it deserves.

We all love our dogs.
No matter whether they are pure breeds or mixed, a working dog or a member of the family. Everyone thinks that they have the Best Dog in the World.

The Superlative Certificates from the ICS provides documentation to that effect.
Under our worldwide framework of certificates there can only be one Best Dog in the World, one Sweetest Dog in Japan, one Most Beautiful Dog in California.
No award is repeated.
There is a tiered order, starting at the global level, e.g. The Coolest Dog in the World, if this is taken, either chose a different superlative or region such as your country, state/province and in some cases, city.

Framed, these make great gifts for friends, family, or yourself.

We, at the ICS, work to support animal shelters. 10% of profits go to Australian registered animal shelters.

Our Vision

The vision of the International Canine Society is to promote positive interactions between not only between the people in society but also the animals contained within that society

This will be achieved by minimizing our impact on the environment whilst promoting positive affirmations for our dogs. 10% of profits go to animal shelters

Australian registered not-for-profit animal shelters and animal rights groups can apply for a discount for their clients with 20% of the certificate price going to that organisation.

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